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AddBike+ stem - cargo bike conversion kit

Product information "AddBike+ stem - cargo bike conversion kit"
Simply convert your bike into a cargo bike

Enjoy an urban and compact cargo bike by installing the AddBike+ on your original bike. With the unique and patented Curve-Assist pendulum system (the wheels tilt sideways when cornering), your bike becomes a high-performance cargo bike that offers a unique riding experience. It is the ideal solution to easily transform your bike into a dynamic cargo bike!

Discover our range of modules that can be installed on the AddBike+, each designed for a specific purpose: Transporting children, dogs or other loads. There are many possible uses and everyone will find a solution for their everyday needs. Choose your module (Carry'Box Kid, Carry'Box or Carry'Dog) and transform your bike into a new original, practical and ecological means of transport.

WARNING: As the AddBike+ has a system of tilting wheels, it is not suitable for people looking for stability on a bike (disabled people, people with reduced mobility...).

Easy to install
By removing the front wheel from your bike, you can insert your fork into the Quick-Fix system. Then simply place the brake lever on the handlebars of the bike (the high-quality brakes of the AddBike are already ready for use, no technical manipulations are required). Depending on your choice, you can either remove your old brake lever to make room for the new one or keep it.

Almost universal system
The high compatibility of the AddBike+ indicates that it can be fitted to almost any bike on the market: City bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, folding bikes and 20-inch bikes with thru axles. Practically any bike can become a cargo bike!

Adapted to your riding style
Transport heavy loads while benefiting from the dynamics and agility of a normal bike. You can adapt the riding style to your preferences. You have the choice between different options: The position of the wheels of the AddBike+ can be changed ("empty" or "loaded") to find the settings adapted to your use!

Easy to park
The AddBike+ can be stabilized when stationary via a control on the handlebars. This makes loading and unloading as well as getting on and off easier! Parking the cargo bike is no longer a problem.

Assisted handle
The resistance of the tilting system and the patented Curve-Assist tilting wheels can be changed to make it easier to get used to the AddBike+.
The Curve-Assist kinematics

The AddBike+ is equipped with our kinematic Curve-Assist system: when leaning into a bend, the two wheels also tilt to the side (similar kinetic function to that of tricycle scooters). This makes it possible to combine a manoeuvrable bike with the transport of loads.

Twice patented, the unique system offers several advantages:

While the wheels tilt to the side in a bend, the loading surface of the AddBike+ remains parallel to the ground: passengers, shopping or load transports thus have a smooth and pleasant ride,

The Curve-Assist is also characterized by the different inclination of the wheels: the wheel on the inside of a bend is more inclined than the one on the outside. This preserves storage space without sacrificing dynamics!

Weight: 13kg

Dimensions with wheels (L x W x H ): 54cm x 68cm x83cm

Platform 31 x 45

Tire size: 20 inch

Color: Black

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Rims: Steel

Transport load capacity: max. 35 kg

Materials: Compact and steel

Chassis treatment: Cataphoresis and painting

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Question : Welche Klapp(Falträder) ab wieviel Zoll Reifengrösse 14,16,oder 20 zoll muss ein solches haben,damit es mit dem adbike Anbau kompatibel ist?
From : customer


....die Kompatibilitätsvoraussetzungen des add-bike Vorsatzes können Sie auf der Website von add-bike unter folgendem Link lesen:


DE_Kompatibilitat-des-AddBike.pdf (
Hier werden die Radgrößen 16-29" als kompatibel genannt.

Question : Vermieten sie das auch? Ich bin mir unsicher ob das, das richtige für mich ist.
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