emobility since 1998 was founded in 1998. 

The first website with an online shop went live around this time. A pioneering act at the time. This online shop was then No. 1 on Google for ~10 years as there were hardly any alternatives.

The great feedback from the first customers gave the necessary tailwind to further expand the business model and fully focus on the sale of compact electric mobility. 

At that time, was the only place in Europe with a larger selection of electric scooters such as Zappys, Gopeds, Pacelites, etc. 

This gave the opportunity to survive and grow as an equity-financed company.

With the turn of the millennium, was able to expand its network; its relationships with manufacturers.

The resulting network and the uniquely massive online presence (with up to 70,000 viewers / sessions per month) made it possible to develop the market in line with consumer wishes.

The electric bicycle boom that emerged shortly afterwards made the market even livelier and was again present with the expertise it had already gained and the domain and was able to serve the thirst for knowledge and the initial excess demand.

 15 years later, is an established marketplace for compact electric vehicles where exclusive and ordinary products are sold and supported with expertise and seriousness.

Since 2014, has been the exclusive EU distributor for the popular TravelScoot; a unique product with considerable success worldwide.

In 2015, we decided to switch from the informative general website to the Shopware online shop in order to provide users with an optimised shopping experience on all devices; the general information on the subject of electric mobility is now provided in detail by the manufacturers and the press. With our customer base and optimised sales automation, we can focus on communication and support to satisfy our growing customer base.

2019 The year of small electric vehicles! Finally, two decades after the appearance of the first electric stand-up scooters, small and folding electric scooters are legally allowed to move on cycle paths and roads in Germany under the approval of the road traffic regulations. We have an extensive range on site so that our customers get the right eScooter for the required application.

 Sustainability has always been a top priority at - we have been working with green electricity and emission-free vehicles from the very beginning, even when this still sounded exotic.

"electrify your mobility!"