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Availability / Delivery time 

The delivery times are indicated on the respective item detail pages directly below the price. 

We divide our delivery time information into 3 availability statuses, which are also visually symbolised in traffic light colours. 

 🟢 In stock✓, test possible in the shop🗸, delivery time:
 - for dispatch: 1-3 days 
 - for collection: immediately 🗸 

 🟡 Currently not in stock; however, available from external warehouses with a delivery time of up to x days. 

 🔴 Currently not in stock. We are endeavouring to replenish!🧑 

We endeavour to keep the delivery times online up to date at all times; however, with fast-moving products or in the turbulent course of business, it can happen that delivery times are not 100% up-to-date. We are available for spontaneous or binding delivery time enquiries by telephone (+49(0)89-57951905) or e-mail (