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Carry'Box modules for AddBike+ stem

Product information "Carry'Box modules for AddBike+ stem"

The Box Kit was developed to facilitate the transportation of cargo bike loads. The box is easy to assemble on the AddBike+ thanks to its metal structure and textile cover. The resulting carrier can hold a volume of up to 110 L for 35 kg. This module is the largest of the three modules offered by AddBike, making it the ideal solution for bulky loads or larger volumes.


Place the Carry'Box on the platform of the AddBike+ to transport loads. You can also attach modules for transporting a child (Carry'Box Kid) or dogs (Carry'Dog) and turn your new cargo bike into your daily all-purpose means of transportation! There are so many possible uses that everyone can find a solution for their individual need for sustainable mobility.


Weight: 3kg

Space inside (L x W x H ): 42 cm x 45 cm x 64 cm
Structure: lacquer finish

Color: grey, black and white

Lid: resealable

Storage capacity: 110 L

Transport load capacity: max. 35kg

Textile: water-repellent and PVC fabric, resealable cover

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